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October 24, 2013
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LexFerenda: Elias Cotton by perchyn LexFerenda: Elias Cotton by perchyn

edit#3: … i was belatedly accepted /sob :iconlex-ferenda: awkward

   ›NAME:    ›AGE:    ›HOUSE:   ›GENDER:    ›BIRTHDAY:

     i. Elias Cotton            ii. 17                   iii. Gryffindor               iv.  male                  v. December 7th


vi. 177cm / 70kg                    vii. Scottish/Irish               vii. 7th                

☆   ›PET:                    

> Name          i.  Lutra            > Species        ii.  redknee tarantula
Kind of... quiet. Lutra doesn’t do much. She seems mostly unaware of her surroundings. Often crawls off in the middle of the night and vanishes until Eli recaptures her. He managed to charm Lutra on his fourth year (with a lot bit of help) so that she leaves a trail of temporary, pearly, glittering footprints behind if she moves a certain distance away from the pin on his sweatervest. Eli fondly refers to her as 'his girlfriend' whenever he's single.


           i. dragon heartstring; 12.5 inches; redwood; supple.    (his IC results in Pottermore. /GUILT)
  • aquamenti   (water-making spell; produces a fountain or jet of water from the wand tip.)  
  • expulso   (expulso curse; provokes a pressure-induced explosion. no heat or fire involved.) 
  • musphasqa   (stunning spell; ‘stupefy’ is the common spell. stuns victims.) 
  • rennervate   (counter-stunning spell; revives a stunned person.)
  • protego   (shield charm; causes minor to moderate jinxes, curses, and hexes to rebound upon the attacker.) 
  • rictusempra   (tickling charm; causes an extreme tickling sensation.)
  • levicorpus   (used to dangle a victim upside-down by their ankles.)
  • relashio   (revulsion jinx; forces the subject, sentient or otherwise, to relinquish whatever they are holding.)
  • scourgify   (scouring charm; cleans the subject.)


electives:  Ancient Runes, Arithmancy (and/or Apparition, when it's available)
extra curricular:  Quidditch (chaser position! YAY I CAN'T BELIEVE HE GOT ON THE TEAM WHOO)

      ɤ   ›PERSONALITY:

    He's a good kid.  And a bad kid.  Good, because he's effortlessly friendly, has a warm personality, and is debatably polite.  Bad, because that coin flips sometimes, and he becomes the bully-joker-antichrist in a heartbeat.  It's that Scottish temperament, he swears.  He's got no fear when it comes to his mischevious agenda; punishment is no deterrent, and neither are the lasting effects of his actions.  Shoot and ask questions later.  Unless the word 'expulsion' comes out — in which case, let's be real, would make him shape up in a heartbeat; proving that, despite all his jokes, he values his magical education.  (... but clearly not enough to skirt safely around detention. There's definitely a line, there.)
    That mischief usually involves, but isn't limited to — revenge, boredom, or just plain old maliciousness.  Or label hit-and-running.  Eli doesn't like the artificial, pompous, or pretentious sort.  This comes from being lower-middle class and muggle-born.  'Mudblood' is a trigger: it's an insecurity, and has prompted more fights than he cares to remember.  So he does his best to keep his origins quiet, although he couldn't be more proud of his family outside of the wizarding world. Elias drifts towards people who are as open as he is, but he's also been known to prey upon quiet individuals — enjoying having a free ear at his disposal.

    And a free ear is something he could always use; Eli's of the chatty sort.  Overly-chatty, from time to time.  Likely from growing up with a large family full of other children; one has to fight for attention.  He talks with his hands, talks loud, and often keeps eye-contact so persistantly that it's not uncommon for people to become uncomfortable.  He's also used to a lot more slang, but clicks it into simple English for the sake of his schoolmates, since most people can't understand a damned word he says when he starts speaking quickly and freely.  
    Unfortunately for his friends, he couldn't give two shits — and expects them to get used to his accent sooner than later, unleashing a storm of his 'home language' upon their misfortunate ears.  Kid's always been a frank one, whether it's the ugly truth or the pretty one.  Sometimes, this gets him in trouble, and he puts his foot into his mouth too often.  There's hardly a hidden significance to what he says, or unspoken clues or nuances: what he says is exactly what he means, and he's grown to depend on the fact that people trust what he tells them.  It goes without saying that, occasionally, he abuses this privilege.  For mischievous purposes.
    He's a born entertainer; gifted at conversation, storytelling, and the arts.  His free nature might make him appear fickle and undependable because he's such an unpredictable, independant spirit, but hisextravagance, procrastination, occasional recklessness, and wastefulness certainly prove one thing — if you're stuck with Elias, he's gonna go out of his way to make sure you're having fun.
     [460+ words.]


Eli is a Scottish muggle-born.  100% non-affiliated with magic.  There's no known witches or wizards in the Cotton family, and he knows (almost-for-sure) because he looked it up as soon as he could when they discovered that his sister, Nora, was a witch.
For the most part, he went through that first stage of grade-school like a relatively normal muggle child: charming and arguably a bit of a schoolyard bully, class-clown hybrid.  Admittedly, Eli didn't start showing signs of magical talent until the year right before he was recruited for Hogwarts.  (His parents fondly refer to those terrifying, eleven-and-a-half months as — 'the year from hell'.)  Never before had so many dishes exploded in his hands, had he suffered through so many embarrassing experiences in front of the classroom — usually involving stubbornly-evasive sticks of chalk, or had so much real steam jetted out of unexpected places when he was angry.  (Hats were quickly deemed unsafe.)  His room typically turned into a construction zone on restless, hot summer nights.  Needless to say, this magical puberty made him a bit more modest than before.  Much-needed character development, edging him away from that boyish harassment, and more into a state of childish glee that comes with discovering yer a wizard, Eli.
When the horror was over with, when he finally got his letter, trying to make things float was just all too fun.

Mom and dad were more than supportive.  They even (anxiously) came with him to Diagon Alley (along with their Hogwarts-assigned escort, of course) even if Eli could've sworn his mother had never looked paler.  (Best day ever, if you ask Papa Frankie.)  They didn't have a lot of money for those first years; so year 1 through 3, he was a scrawny whelp with cheap robes and a big mouth, wading through the tides of Hogwarts in clothes that were a tad too big for him.  As soon as he was old enough, he worked a long summer at Flourish and Blotts — and that is how he ditched the cheap, budget-robes.

So there was his second childhood.  It was like learning how to walk again; Elias was more than happy to leave the muggle world behind.  (He got into Quidditch almost immediately, and he got into it hard.)  His younger brother, Robbie, watched him skip through the train station pillar with nothing but envy — which would later turn to red jealousy, and a few years of holiday, dinner-table tension.  (Which Robbie would later get over, their parents hoped, as maturity came to him.)  The Big Reveal changed a lot of things; there was a lot of misunderstanding about 'no underage magic', and as hard as it was, he mostly resisted his parents' playful goading.  

('You owe me new plates,' his mother would often remind him. 'Learn to make plates already.')  

While they were delighted to have a strangely intelligent 'messenger owl' in the house, they were not so delighted when he brought home a... less than intelligent, huge spider home on his third year.

(Robbie was, though. Temporary truce, when Lutra was out of her cage.)

Eli has always been a determined student, though not an overly-impressive one.  The harder he pushes himself, the better he does — but that takes away from his free time, and balancing the two is something he's never been good at, because he's weak to mischief.  But through the occasional spurts of hard work, he's unearthed that his talents mostly lay with charms and transfiguration, and turned his attention towards curse-breaking as a potential future profession.  (Y'know, unless he can get into professional quidditch. Wink.)  

Also, he totally made his mother some plates on the sly and mailed them home. He likes to joke that maybe — maybe, he could be a potter.

A Potter. 

Nobody else thinks the joke is funny.

[620+ words.]


      ɤ   ›LIKES/DISLIKES:

frick-yeah list:                           

charms, astronomy, and transfiguration.
collecting chocolate frog cards.
wizard chess tournaments.
gobstones, which he is a natural at.
HOGSMEEEEADE. oh boy, Hogsmeade.

no-no list:                                   

divination, history of magic, and herbology.
Slytherin's Quidditch team. BOOOO.
enchanted books. 
the moving staircases. they're getting tiresome after 7 years.
animals who try to eat Lutra. B(
train, boat, and car rides.
…  gnomes…


[~neonioAbram Booker

QUIDDITCH GEEK BESTIES, and partners in crime.

[=PoiizuRuby O'Shea

Second partner in crime! Trio trio trio.


Brenda Cotton is his stay-at-home mother; she's a plump, stern woman with frizzy hair who often wields a large cooking spoon or rolling pin. The kitchen is her kingdom, and she doesn't tolerate nonsense in her kingdomFrankie Cotton, his father, is almost as boisterous as Brenda is. They usually end up laughing loudly when in the same room because, 19 years of marriage later, they still haven't lost their spark. There's a lot of love between Eli's parents; Frankie kisses Brenda on the cheek — a big ol', noisy kiss, too — every morning as she's making breakfast, then sits to read the paper. He's a tall man, with sloping shoulders, and the editor of the town newspaper.  Elias also has two siblings: the first is Robbie Cotton. Now, Robbie's a bit of a problem child in a way that is completely different from his brother. Three years younger than Eli and carrying a massive load of severe middle child syndrome, Robbie currently has his nose turned up at magic. He often mocks Eli and his ability to perform the impossible, stating that he believes in real hard work. Yet, he always goes very quiet when Eli tells his school stories, leading the family to suspect he's simply upset that he himself lacks the gift.  Nora Cotton is Eli's second sibling. Very shy and seven years younger, Nora is also a witch. She seems to be in Robbie's good books, because he isn't nearly as harsh with her as he is with Eli — and, in fact, has a reputation as Nora's fierce protector. Nora is a bit distant from Eli and opts to cling to her middle brother instead, but Eli still cherishes his baby sister. She didn't talk until she was five years old, and is therefore generally acknowledged as being a little slow. She's very interested in mermaids, despite Eli's insistence that they're terrifying.


  • Gets seasick/carsick/trainsick easily. Anything that involves him being inside of a moving object will result in nauseousness.
  • Broomsticks are fine, though. That fresh air — that control. Ahhh, yeah. Best way to travel.
  • He thinks Divination is a load of bull, and might just laugh at you if you're passionate about it. Despite thinking it's a big joke, he gets good grades in the class. Because he treats it as a joke. There's much snickering and ominous predictions made, but he has fun.
  • Talking Quidditch is a good way to get to know him. Dang he loves sports.
  • — and obviously, he roots for Scotland.
  • Then again, he's interested in most anything. When he's talked himself out on his favorite subjects, he'll decide you're a fascinating conversationalist.
  • Big fan of the Weird Sisters.
  • Eli's fond of silly wizard slang, such as "gulping gargoyles", "hold your hippogriffs", "dungbrains", and "obsolete dingbat". His muggle family isn't.
  • Has a reputation as an avid volunteer. When the teacher asks, his hand is usually the first to shoot up. He likes to drag Abram along with him.
  • Just a taaad bit claustrophobic. He won't admit it, but he'll scramble for an exit if contained. Window-seat, please.
  • He's been working on a good cribbing spell for the last three years. (It's still not working.)(unfortunately.)
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